February 25, 2010

Oregon hopes to launch feed-in tariff program by July 1

Oregon’s House Bill 3039, which was passed in 2009, directs the Public Utility Commission to develop a solar power pilot program to demonstrate the effectiveness of incentives for electricity delivered from solar voltaic energy systems.

State leaders hope that the pilot program will be ready to begin by July 1, 2010. Under the program, up to 25 megawatts would qualify, with percentages reserved for residences and small and large businesses. Although no rate has been set, proposals estimate that Oregon’s three investor-owned utilities, including PG&E, would pay between 25 cents and 85 cents per kilowatt-hour. Currently in Oregon, there are Energy Trust rebates and state and federal tax credits available for solar systems. However, if consumers opt to use the new feed-in tariff they wont qualify for the existing state incentives, but they will remain eligible for the federal tax credit.

For more information please click here.  For the full HB 3039 bill, please click here.

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