June 29, 2011

NJ Senate passes 3 bills aimed at bolstering solar industry

The NJ Senate passed three bills today that will benefit the state’s solar industry, already one of the most productive in the nation.

S2888 creates a property tax exemption for commercial renewable energy systems.  The legislation would exempt large-scale green energy providers from local property taxes and creates a statewide, uniform tax equal to $7,000 for each 1,000 kilowatts of direct current capacity, or its equivalent, for the first year of commercial operation of the system, increasing by one percent in each subsequent year of commercial operation and until decommissioning of the system.

S2557 would expand solar net metering by authorizing municipalities to adopt an ordinance to sell up to three miles of public streets or roads to connect solar generation facilities. The municipalities must maintain and repair the street or road.

S2371 would expand solar energy certificates to 15 years or longer.  The bill would increase the amount of solar power utilities are required to buy to meet renewable energy standards.  The bill would stop the rollback of solar energy standards. 

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