August 9, 2011

Expert: Political will needed in shift to renewable energy

On Tuesday, Isaac Kwaku Mintah, Director of Human Resource and Administration of the Energy Commission in Ghana,  expressed optimism that the passage of Renewable Energy Bill into law would enhance energy security.

He said such a move would also improve access to clean energy and address issues of climate change, stressing that political commitment was critical.

Mr Mintah was speaking on Tuesday at the official launch of four products of the Mascot Energy Savings High Technology Ghana Limited (MESHTGL) in Accra.

Highlighting expected benefits of renewable energy, he said: “Once as a nation we make a clear commitment to shifting toward renewable energy, the volume of production will itself sharply reduce the cost of each solar panel and/or each windmill, while adding yet more incentives for additional research and development to further speed up the innovation process.”

Mr Mintah said he was hopeful that the potential for renewable energy would become an integral part of the country’s energy mix with the coming into force of any such law.

He noted that climate change, high oil prices, rising cost of electricity and increased government support were factors that had driven many countries, including Ghana, to call for improved renewable energy legislation, incentives and commercialization.

Mr Mintah said the government was in collaboration with the Commission to expedite action on the passage of a Renewable Energy Law.

He said this would ensure the integration of renewable energy into the national energy mix to enhance energy security, provide a regulatory framework to enable investors in the sector to ply their trade devoid of barriers.

Mr Jubiao Ou, (Eds correct), President of the Mascot International, said his outfit was a an enterprise primarily engaged in the development and manufacture of energy-saving products for the manufacturing and mining sectors, supermarkets, roads, offices.

He said the company had also set up a subsidiary in Ghana called MESHTGL with the hope of serving as a potential conduit to the African market and providing employment opportunities for Ghanaians.

Mr Ou said the company’s product saved cost and protected the environment.

The products include an easy fit power bike, home solar power system, motor power saver and induction lamp.

He said the easy fit power bike generated electric power by foot. The generator is driven by a pulley and produced power while the individual achieved fitness, he stressed.

Mr Ou said the electrical energy was stored in a special battery unit which was converted into standard 220V grid which could power household electrical appliances.

Speaking about the induction lamp, he said it used the latest energy-saving lamp technology to extend the service life and increase high luminous efficiency.

Concerning the motor power saver, Mr Ou said its use prevented unnecessary waste of electrical power, saved cost and enhanced service lifetime of the appliance.


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