October 7, 2011

Peru to attract renewable energy investments to diversify energy grid

Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) noted on Tuesday that the country has recently signed nine agreements with several enterprises so that they invest in renewable energy, considering that diversifying the energy grid of the country is part of the State policy.

The head of the Directorate General of Electricity (DGE), Roberto Tamayo, noted that these nine agreements guarantee the execution of small wind and solar energy projects as well as hydro-electric power projects in different regions.

“We believe that these new technologies will help cover some eventualities and may make up for a shortage of energy supply,” said Tamayo.

He said that the installation of said power plants will be throughout the country. However, DGE plans these projects to be mainly executed in the northern and southern areas of Peru.

The signing of the agreements was done with companies which were awarded the second bid for the renewable energy projects organized by DGE.

Such companies include Parque Eólico Tres Hermanas, Moquegua FV, Empresa de Generación Eléctrica Canchayllo, Peruana de Inversiones en Energías Renovables, Empresa de Generación Eléctrica Santa Ana and Andes Generating Corporation.


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