February 22, 2012

Australia Launches Clean Technology Investment Program

This week, the Australian Government launched a program that will provide $1 billion in funding for manufacturers to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution.

The Clean Technology Investment Programs will provide grants to help manufacturers buy new plant and equipment which cuts their energy costs or reduces carbon pollution.

The Industry and Innovation Minister, Greg Combet, launched the $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program and the $200 million Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program - part of the Government's Clean Energy Future package.

They will support jobs and provide incentives for manufacturers to become more efficient, more competitive and more sustainable. Eligible manufacturers can apply for funding under the programs from today, by filling out an application here

The Government also announced that hit would change co-contribution requirements to make the grant programs more attractive for small and medium-sized firms.  Manufacturers with turnovers of less than $100 million requesting funding under $500,000 will now only have to match the government grants on a dollar for dollar basis. For all other grants under $10 million, applicants will be required to contribute $2 for every $1 from the Government. For grants of $10 million or more, applicants will be expected to make a co-contribution of at least $3 for each $1 of Government support.

Projects that can be supported include switching to less carbon intensive energy sources or installing new manufacturing equipment, processes and facilities to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Information sessions on the Clean Technology Programs will be held around Australia from next month. For more information visit www.ausindustry.gov.au. 


  1. Finally, a government that is willing to revise their energy policy, and move their country forward, rather than backwards. America has a lot to learn. Well done, Australia, the world is watching!!!

  2. So true -- it's time that the US move on from partisan politics and actually do what is BEST for its people. Clean energy means more jobs, lower health care costs, cleaner environment. What exactly are the Americans waiting for?

    1. ... maybe USA is waiting for after the elections in Nov. Then obama can act like a real leader and stand up to dirty oil and gas and finally support clean energy