June 3, 2013

Senator Introduces Community Solar Energy Bill

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., has reintroduced his Solar Uniting Neighborhoods Act that would make homeowners who participate in community solar farms eligible for federal tax credits. Udall first introduced the bill in 2010, but it died in committee.
Federal tax laws currently require that a homeowner must install solar panels to be eligible for the 30% individual renewable energy federal tax credit. Udall says shade from trees or other structures, building architecture or permitting sometimes make the installation of solar panels on a home impractical.

The senator says his proposal addresses this concern by encouraging homeowners to develop community solar projects.

"This bill ensures that all homeowners are eligible for the individual renewable energy tax credit even if they participate in solar farms because their homes are unsuitable for solar panels," says Udall in a statement.

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