July 18, 2013

Marty Touts Renewable Energy Law as a Key Victory of 2013 Session

Dozens of new laws passed by the Minnesota State Legislature took effect earlier this month (July) including a $1.50 cigarette hike to pay for the new Vikings stadium and more than $130 million appropriated for all-day kindergarten.

But among those new laws that Roseville state senator John Marty is most proud of and considers a key success of the 2013 session: The renewable energy law.

Marty, chief Senate sponsor of the legislation, said the goal of the law is to "prepare a framework to make Minnesota move to become the first state to have a 100 percent renewable energy, fossil fuel-free economy, over the next couple decades."

In an interview with Roseville Patch, Marty said the legislation will, among other things, reinvigorates a legislative energy commission, steps up energy conservation measures  and provides for a 35-fold increase in electricity generated by solar power by the year 2020. 

Currently, Minnesota's economy suffers a $13 billion annual drain because of our need to purchase, coal, gas and other fossil fuels, said Marty, chairman of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee.

Marty said under the new law, the energy commission will be charged with pulling together the various stakeholders in the energy arena to promote renewable energy development and projects.

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