November 18, 2013

Bangladesh Initiates Process for New Solar Park

As part of aligning new partners across the Sunbelt sharing a common vision, Solamon Energy Corp. is proud to announce its intention to supply a 30MW solar energy plant in Bangladesh and now looks forward to working with the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission, as well as leaders and administrators and other individuals at critical organizations and associations involved in the bid process to deliver sustainable solutions and achieve the Government's goal of 800MW from renewable sources as stated in their National Renewable Energy Policy.

Consistent with analysts' projected growth for the region overall, and with the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh having recently authorized The Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) to develop a 30MWp solar park on the banks of The River Dhorola in Kurigram, Solamon Energy's President Jay Yeo says he expects this project to be the first of many tenders for large commercial PV systems and adds partnerships enabling growth will be announced shortly.

In short, the aim of the Government is to generate 10% of total electricity demand by 2020 from solar, wind, biomass and hydropower, and extract more if possible to reduce oil imports in the future. "If we are successful in our bid for the Dhorola project, and we expect it be to a lengthy process," Yeo explains, "we will have likely begun to explore these many new relationships and opportunities to initiate wider turnkey solutions on a utility scale, as there is a known preference for solar systems we understand these stated intentions are the first steps on a long yet rewarding journey on many levels."

The BPDB-owned site will house the project, packaged and leased to the project on a straight-forward build, own, operate basis for a period of 20 years. “We are very excited about this project,” says Solamon President Jay Yeo. “Bangladesh ranks in the top 100 nations for energy consumption, and their needs are growing. We are beginning to see aggressive steps being taken by the BPDB to combat growing stain on the existing grid. We are happy to have the opportunity to aid in diversification of Bangladesh’s renewable energy portfolio.”

The objectives of the Renewable Energy Policy of Bangladesh include: to harness the potential of renewable energy resources and dissemination of renewable energy technologies in rural, and urban areas; to enable, encourage and facilitate both public and private sector investment in renewable energy projects. The national grid in Bangladesh currently derives %93.7 of the energy produced through fossil fuels, augmented by %6.3 from hydro, and experiences power outages some 248.96 days per year.

Solamon Energy typically offers a ground-mounted solar array of integrated cells over a package of land called the Apollo Acre™. The company also develops custom solutions with local partners to provide roof-mounted and parking lot systems that are easily augmented by micro wind turbine technology and other innovative features to supply renewable energy locally.

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