January 17, 2014

Massachusetts Bill Encourages Cleaner Home Heating Energy

 The cold weather has state lawmakers thinking about how to make home heating improvements. 

A legislative committee voted this week to send a bill to the Senate that encourages thermal energy production.

Utility companies are required by Massachusetts law to provide customers with some electricity that comes from renewable or alternative energy-generating sources. The Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Committee voted unanimously in favor of legislation that adds thermal energy to the list of alternative energy sources they can draw from. This will encourage energy suppliers to pursue solar thermal energy and other renewable heating sources in addition to clean electricity. 

"The same investments that we've made in solar energy on the electricity side could be made on the heating side of our energy bills as well, and could make the energy that we heat with much more clean, much more renewable and could help us create jobs here in Massachusetts," said Sen. Benjamin Downing of Pittsfield.
Other provisions in the bill eliminate coal gas and paper-based fuels from the list of alternative energy sources.

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