July 4, 2014

Schiavoni Speaks Out About Alternative Energy Bill in Ohio

A bill signed by Governor John Kasich Friday delays phasing in the state’s renewable energy and efficiency targets and repeals advanced energy mandates.

The law puts a two-year hold on renewable targets with a compromise Kasich backed avoiding a full repeal being pushed through the state senate.

Advanced-energy businesses.. Environmentalists.. Civil rights advocates and faith leaders had opposed the bill, while the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and other influential business groups, utilities, and industrial electricity users favored the signing.

State Senator Joe Schiavoni says he opposes this law.

“I’m worried that by just calling it a temporary freeze that it may be a permanent freeze and that’s kind of the speech I gave on the floor and why I voted no on the bill. I think that we need to encourage any and all types of alternative energy,” said Senator Joe Schiavoni. (D) Boardman.

If the legislature fails to act – the thresholds would resume in 2017.

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