July 8, 2014

United Kingdom Renewables Report Q3 2014, New Report Launched

Mixed messages continue to surface from the UK government about the future direction of the country's renewable energy policy and we believe a great deal rests on the outcome of the election in May 2015. Although we believe the UK is on its way to successfully meeting its renewable targets, the longerterm growth prospects of the industry remain in doubt. Confusion surrounding the new Energy Bill and the uncertain support mechanisms offered to renewable energy developers is likely to dampen investor interest in the market. 

The UK has pledged to derive 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020; with a government target for the power sector of 30% renewables share, owing to slower progress in the heat and transport sectors. However, the post-2020 agenda is looking less clear after the European Commission (EC) announcement the proposed EU 2030 climate and energy targets in late-January 2014. It seems that the EC has not set a binding renewable energy target at the individual member states - something that the UK government will back after energy secretary Ed Davey labelled a target 'inflexible and unnecessary'.

Spanning over 57 pages, “United Kingdom Renewables Report Q3 2014” report covering the SWOT, Industry Forecast, Market Overview, Competitive Landscape, Company Profile, Methodology.

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